Reasons To Invest In Your Skincare

I am going to dare you to do something that some of you might not enjoy doing on a regular basis. Look in the closest mirror. Really truly look at yourself and your skin. What do you see?

What is your skin routine consist of?

Proactive? Neutrogena? Clean and Clear? Nothing? Guess what most of those products have in them... alcohol and filler ingredients that eventually leads to a plateau of no more results and harms your skin.

So you're going to go to the drug store with aisles that go on for days and spend money on cheaper cleansers and moisturizers because, yeah, they may give you results at first.. but only for so long. Only until you wake up and your skin is dry, flaky, and you're no longer seeing results.. So then that $10 cleanser that you purchased is now in a drawer or even the garbage because it irritated your skin, didn't see your results anymore or just got tired of using it.

Why don't you invest in your skincare? Too expensive? Too hard to find something that actually helps and gives your results? Not enough time to spend on it?

You can spend money on clothing, shoes, and handbags that will eventually be a fad, but your skin is something that you will have every single day of your life, so why not invest in it?

Imagine not having to wear makeup everyday because you have amazing skin. Imagine not having as many breakouts and blemishes on your face. Crazy, right?

I'm going to give you a few reasons as to why you SHOULD invest in quality skincare.

Quality skin is going to provide you with an awesome first impression. That is the first thing we notice on someone is their face when we first meet them. Your skin represents who you are and what you mean to yourself. It is the first signs of aging that we and others notice. It shows you take care of yourself and show attention to what you look like without trying.

Quality skincare prevents long term damage. Prevention is 10 times better than a cure because it will be much easier to keep up with a routine rather than having to reverse the damage and wait for results. We want to build a foundation for makeup and other treatments such as lasers or injectables; and having that great skincare will not only extend your results from treatments but also enhance them like never before.

Quality skincare is also going to save you money in the long run. Having those steps of your routine may be pricey up front; but imagine not having to spend as much on makeup or drugstore skincare over time because your results are happening and they're actually lasting! Overtime, you will notice that having quality products will not be damaging to your wallet.

Those are just a few reasons as to why we should be investing in ourselves and our skin. At Skin Rejuvenation Clinic we offer multiple brands of great skincare to help you get started! Stop in or request a complimentary consultation with one of our providers for great skin care regimen recommendations!